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  1. Destiny brown

    Having used other smart drug sites before, Medikash is by far the best. My order was delivered within 14 days to the US. Thanks to this site, I will only use this one. The potency is excellent.

  2. David M

    Free samples of Waklert 150mg arrived today. I have only tried Modalert so far, and it is excellent. I am wide awake and somewhat euphoric as well. I will be placing a large order soon. My bitcoin wallet was specifically opened for this purpose. In case you were wondering, it took about a month for the order to arrive in Arizona. Check out reviews to find out about the high quality of the product before placing your order.

  3. Linda Je

    In addition, I don’t use a whole tablet every day. It’s up to you to find the right dosage, but when you find it, it can make you 100% more productive. You’re welcome!

  4. Michel N

    The shipment arrived in Australia on time, which was great. A 24 hour delivery was also provided to me! I was able to track my package until it reached my doorstep. A genuine product is like a genuine prescription.

  5. Marinov Rodriguez

    I received a large order delivered to the U.S. exactly 14 days after placing my order. I’ve ordered from them like 8 or 9 times and only once had a problem that was immediately resolved. Once again, thank you. I have already placed another order on your sister site. This one came in before this one. My faith in this company is that strong. I know India is a goRead more about the review stating Thank you as always and !We’re going through some rough times right now. I hope you, your family, and friends are all safe through this time. Prayers and thoughts are with you all

  6. Eri M

    Great place to buy this from, great customer service, and it arrived on time. I’ve ordered from other places and they had terrible customer service, and it took forever to arrive.

  7. Lee

    “My mood wasn’t any different; I wasn’t high. My heart wasn’t beating any faster. I was just able to glide into a state of concentration – deep, cool, effortless concentration.”

  8. Wilson dushing

    Good service providers, delivery on time.

  9. Nahid akhtar

    I HV seen all reviews ,alll written site site is good and all that but just want to from my end more than 5 star deserve medikash.
    Please keep it up medikash

  10. johnathan jiles

    When i was using this for purchasing waklert from this site i was little worried ,but i was satisfied after get their service.

  11. William Thomson

    This is the right place to purchase a medicine, good people in communication, good shipping service, best quality medicine.

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