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Indapamide Sr Tablets 1.5 mg- 10×10 Pills Per Box


  • Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg comes under Natrilix Tablets in the group of antihypertensive medication.
  • It is a medication treated to lower down and maintain high blood pressure.
  • It is a diuretic or hypertension drug prescribed for high BP and Edema 
  • Always get doctors prescriptions while purchasing Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg online to avoid any side effects. 


About Indapamide SR Tablets 1.5 mg 

What is the use of Indapamide? 

  • Indapamide tablets are generic medicine used for hypertension and edema due to heart failure. It is also called a diuretic water pill medication for edema.
  • This medication is used to reduce the excess fluid due in the body. Indapamide used for the treatment of fluid overload is also known as edema present in the kidney, liver, heart and lungs.
  • This medication helps you to exclude unnecessary water in the body through urine. The increase of urination release will help to lower down the blood pressure. It is important to lower the blood pressure or maintain a level to reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke.
  • To get maximum results from the medication you need to take Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg regularly until doctors recommend it to stop. Medikash provides you most genuine medication for hypertension and edema buy indapamide sr tablets 1.5 mg online and get a maximum discount.

Dosage of Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg

  • Usually, doses can be taken as per prescription for the effectiveness of the medication. As we already discussed this tablet helps to remove excess water from the body. This dose can be taken any time in each day, but most preferably taken in the daytime to avoid frequent urination in the nighttime. 
  • It is necessary to get doses regularly under the consultation of a doctor. Don’t stop taking the medication until the doctor tells you to stop. In some cases of high blood pressure patients do not feel ill. This time you need to be cautious and don’t stop taking indapamide sr tablets 1.5 mg. Otherwise, your condition will be worse with an increase in high blood pressure and heart disease or stroke.
  • It is necessary for the patients to do regular blood pressure checkups, light exercise on a regular basis and diet to make a healthy heart and maintain blood pressure.
  • This medication should take in the doctor’s advice. It can take the whole tablet without breaking and chewing with or without food on in the routine.

How did Indapamide work for Hypertension and  Edema?

Indapamide Tablets for Hypertension

In the case of hypertension also called high blood pressure. Indapamide is a prolonged-release tablet that helps to reduce the unwanted water level. This will be eliminated in the form of urine. This urination can lower blood down pressure. The controlled blood pressure will lower the chance of heart attack and stroke. It should be taken under the consultation of a doctor for effectiveness

Indapamide Tablets for edema

Edema occurs due to the body gaining so much water. Indapamide sr tablets 1.5 mg is a water pill to reduce water and electrolytes from the body which helps to lower blood pressure. Symptoms like shortness of breath and swelling in your arms, legs or abdomen will be recovered due to maintained BP. This will help you do your daily routine comfortably.

Important points to know about Indapamide Sustained-Release Tablets 1.5 mg

  • Healthy Habits: Indapamide tablets are part of the medication process you should do regular exercise, healthy food diets and regular blood pressure checkups to maintain BP. Also, you have to get a good amount of food each time but must reduce the consumption of excessive salt.
  • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Intake: While you use indapamide medication, you need to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg causes excessive drowsiness due to smoking and alcohol. 
  • Avoid Driving: After taking the dose you are feeling dizzy or sleepy, due to this you can not focus on driving. So you need to avoid driving for safety.
  • Breastfeeding or Pregnant mother: It recommends breastfeeding and pregnant mothers must get consultation while planning to buy Indapamide sr Tablets 1.5 mg online. In studies and recent experience of patients shows no adverse effect on unborn babies.
  • Kidney and Liver Disease: Necessarily, Some patients need dose adjustment while you have some kidney and liver-related disease. To avoid any side effects, you must consult with a doctor.
  • Diabetes patients: Comparatively, indapamide is a safer medication for diabetic patients than other diuretics.
  • Missed Dose Adjustment: Due to some reason if you missed the dose, try to get it as soon as possible on the same day. Likely, Don’t take a dose nearer to the next dose, skip this and go for a scheduled dose.

Some common side effects of indapamide sr 1.5 mg Tablets

Mostly, there are no side effects due to medication on patients, it will be easily adjusted by the body. In some cases, common side effects occur due to previous illnesses. Need to consult with doctors if the below causes occur.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramp

How long does it take for indapamide to lower blood pressure?

Indapamide sr tablets 1.5 mg is a water pill that helps you to reduce and maintain blood pressure. After taking the dose it will start working within 2 hours. This medication will take a few weeks or sometimes 12 weeks to control blood pressure. It is recommended for some patients to take a lifetime to maintain blood pressure. 

Does indapamide make you sleepy?

After a dose of indapamide, you feel unusually tired which makes you sleepy. Also, you can see the frequency of urination more than the normal routine.

What is the best time to take indapamide?

The best time to take the medication once in the morning. You should avoid taking it later afternoon or night to avoid frequent urination timing. Because it will increase the release of water through urine which disturbs sleep.

Can I take paracetamol with indapamide?

Paracetamol is the painkiller tablet used for moderate pain in headaches and other body pain. Yes, it is fine to take paracetamol with indapamide.

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