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Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets


  • Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets are involved in the treatment of several medical problems.
  • The propranolol hydrochloride 10 mg oral tablet is a prescription medicine.
  • Below are all the details that you will need to know if you want to buy propranolol 10mg online.
  • A note before you begin reading: this information cannot be used as a substitution for a doctor’s advice. Asking a medical professional before using any medicine is recommended.


An Introduction to Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets – what are they?

Propranolol is a drug that is used for a number of treatments. The drug can be found under the name Inderal amongst other brand names. It is often prescribed to increase the chances of survival post-heart attack. Propranolol can be taken in four forms. It can be oral – such as a capsule or in liquid form. It can be injected into the body. Propranolol is also ingested as a tablet. You can buy propranolol Inderal 10 mg tablet online.

However, if you are looking to buy propranolol hydrochloride 10 mg for anxiety, you can only find it under the generic name. It is not sold under brand names.

In recent years, propranolol has become one of the most commonly used medicinal drugs.

What is Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets used for?

Propranolol 10 mg is used for several purposes. It can also be used in combination with other medical drugs in certain treatments. Since the propranolol leads to the reduction of the workload of the heart, it is used for the following purposes:

  • Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets are often used in the treatment of high blood pressure.
  • It is used in controlling the rhythm of the heart in atrial fibrillation.
  • It has been known to provide some relief from chest pain, commonly known as angina.
  • It helps in any medical conditions that are related to adrenal glands.
  • It also helps in problems related to the thyroid gland.
  • Propranolol is also recommended to migraine patients as it can alleviate the pain induced by migraines.
  • Propranolol is often prescribed after a heart attack as it can support the function of the heart.

How do Propranolol 10 mg tablets work?

Propranolol 10 mg is usually referred to as a term – beta-blocker. This is used to treat similar conditions. Propranolol usually blocks the production of renin from the kidneys. It is undetermined as to how it can reduce the blood sugar level of the body. An overdose can cause seizures or even cardiac arrest.

The Side Effects of Propanolol 10 mg tablets

Propranolol comes with a few side effects. One usual side effect of using Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets is that it is accompanied by drowsiness. It can slow down your responses and dull your senses. It is therefore usually recommended to stay away from such tasks that will require alertness of the mind.

Propranolol 10 mg anxiety side effects vary with patients. Mild side effects are not a problem but if these persist, you must consult a doctor.

  • Your heart rate can be slower
  • Diarrhoea
  • You may have dry eyes
  • Loss of hair
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Exhaustion of the body

You must remember that these side effects must reduce with time. If they do not, consult a pharmacist. Or a doctor. There are a few serious side effects that can result from consuming Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets. These are as follows:

  • If rashes or hives break out on your skin, you will need to take the advice of a doctor. This can also include an itching sensation or a swollen face.
  • Problems in breathing.
  • An irregular blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels can fall after the use of propranolol.
  • If you puke after ingesting this, go talk to a doctor.
  • Any cases of hallucinations or nightmares or even insomnia.
  • Cramped muscles or weakness.
  • Increase in weight.
  • If you find that your skin feels too dry or is peeling.
  • A slower heart rate than is normal.
  • Chilled limbs.

It must be taken into account that every side effect can be varied as propranolol 10mg may affect every individual in a different way. For such cases, a doctor must be immediately consulted. Call an ambulance in case of emergencies.

Recommended Dosage for Propranolol 10 mg tablets

A note: this dosage is for the Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets. It is recommended that a patient must take the propranolol 10 mg tablets two or four times a day or in accordance with the direction of their respective physicians. The drug is to be consumed prior to meals and before bedtime if taken four times a day. The liquid must be carefully measured with a medically approved spoon for accuracy in the total quantity ingested. Refrain from using a domestic spoon as it cannot be exactly accurate.

Remember that any dosage is based on your personal health history. It also depends on the reaction of your body. A doctor’s advice is highly recommended.

A warning

As with all medications, the propranolol 10 mg tablets come with their own set of warnings. A healthcare professional would be more adept in recommending medicines that are customised according to your medical history. Here are a few warnings to take into account when consuming the propranolol hydrochloride tablets:

  • If you feel drowsy after consuming Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets, do not jump to perform such tasks as driving. Any drug will take some time to have an impact on your body. You need to know how your body is adapting to the use of propranolol before making any decisions that could be potentially hazardous.
  • The propranolol hydrochloride 10 mg tablets are not recommended in the case of asthma or a breathing problem. Stay away from these drugs as it can worsen it.
  • The propranolol 10 mg tablets are not usually recommended for diabetic persons. It has been known to cause hypoglycemia (when the body has low blood sugar). The drug may also conceal any symptoms of low blood sugar levels in your body which is why it is best to consult a medical professional. If you take doses of insulin, you will have to be extra careful. Propranolol has also been known to cause hypoglycemia in toddlers, children and adults who have not been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • If you suddenly stop consuming Propranolol Inderal 10 mg Tablets, it may become a problem. Consult a doctor before any drastic move. Stopping can give rise to a potential heart attack or even worsening of your prevailing medical conditions.

Propranolol has several contraindications. Therefore, proper research and a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Do not stop immediately if you suffer from any side effects.

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